Shanlian On Batman Episode 49 Trailer #2 Break Down

On this Special Edition of Shanlian on Batman, we are coming to you the NIGHT OF with a SoB exclusive trailer break down. Make sure you sync up your internet browser with ours on the new trailer and lets do it again, the “and stop game”! Follow along with the guys while they break down everything they can for the new trailer.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

So it finally happened thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live with a nice little appearance by Ben Affleck (who was only refered to as Batman) we got to see the new trailer for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Make sure you watch it a few times there’s a lot to take in! What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Lords of Film Episode 7

Welcome Back to Lords of Film. Episode 7 is here and we are going to do a nice round table talk about all kinds of film related topics that are circulating around various social medias. Topics such as Brian singer, Momento, George Lucas, Fant 4 Stic, Peter Jackcson, and Spectre. Kick back and enjoy another information packed Lords of Film.

Shanlian on Batman Episode 46 wsg Athena Finger

This week the guys talk some Batman and DC news that has been going on in the past few weeks. Jared Leto talking about the joker, Batman V Superman trailers during Super Girl, and Batman Beyond news. Then SoB gets an interview with the Granddaughter of Bill Finger, the co-creator of Batman. Athena’s story of what she did for the credibility of her grandfather’s name is quite an amazing one.

In memory of Yvonne Craig “Batgirl”

Shanlian on Batman would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Yvonne Craig who was our wonderful ‪#‎BatGirl‬ in 1967, during the third and final season of Batman the TV series. Craig lost her long two-year battle with Breast Cancer at the age of 78 and passed away on Monday the 17th at her home in Pacific Palisades. rip batgirl bgirl1bgirl

In memory of Lenny Robinson

There are notbat_story_ne3 too many people this day in age that stand for pure good and kindness, We at Shanlian on Batman feel that Lenny Robinson was an exception to this rule. For those of you that do not know of Lenny’s work long story short Robinson had put together an amazing Batman costume, drove a blacked out Ferrari (before purchasing an actual 66 Batmobile), and used his own personal funds to drive from city to city to Children’s Hospitals around the country to give gifts and a spark of hope to sick children. Lenny fist appeared on the internet and gained popularity with the police dash-cam recording of him being pulled over by a Montgomery County police officer while in full Batman attire. Lenny was most unfortunately fatally stuck by a vehicle on I-70 near Hagerstown MD after his Batmobile had reportedly broken down on his way home from a car show in West Virginia on Sunday, August 16, 2015. The fact that this man took the time out of his busy life, funds out of his wallet, combined that with hard work and dedication, all to bring a smile to the faces of unfortunate kids tells us exactly what kind of man Lenny Robinson really was. Reading through comments and message boards full of condolences many people throw out words to describe Kenny, words like Hero, Kind, Loving, Gracious, Generous, Honorable, etc, but the only word that sticks out to me while scrolling through, the only word that makes sense and sums up the impression that Lenny made on this earth is “Batman”. We here at Shanlian on Batman would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of Lenny B. Robinson in these hard times.triblive1

Affleck May Direct Solo Batman Film

According to “Da7e” over at Ben Affleck will not only star in a solo Batman movie that will make its debut in November of 2018, but he will also direct that solo Batman film as well, rumored to be titled “The Batman.” Da7e also goes further in his reporting stating that Chris Terrio who rewrote “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will also write the script for Affleck’s solo Bat-film.

If true, Terrio who won an Oscar for Affleck’s “Argo” now becomes one of the busiest writers in Hollywood. Not only did he have a hand in rewriting Goyer’s script for BvS, but he also is signed up to write “Justice League Part 1 and 2.”

This is not surprising to us at as we have been hearing for sometime that Affleck would indeed be the one to helm this film. These rumors have been circulationg since Affleck signed on to don the cape in cowl back in August of 2013.

We at SOB are 100% behind this idea, and hope that Affleck does indeed direct this film. He is a very visceral filmmaker, and the perfect choice do take over the director’s chair left empty by Christopher Nolan. Affleck is one of the hottest directors in Hollywood at the moment and Warner Bros. is keen to keep him in house, and what would be a better project for Affleck to direct? It is well known that Affleck loves the character of Batman, and for him to helm the project would make total sense. If this rumor does pan out, ben-affleck-directing-e1344456426473en atman on film will be left in gooBd hands.

Posted By Justin Shanlian

New Arkham Knight Gameplay video released.

We get to see some gameplay from the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight, developed by Rocksteady Studios and Published by Warner Bros. What do you think of this new Batman experience, and will your be buying the game? leave you comments below and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

Shanlian on Batman Episode 31 featuring El Mayimbe

The guys sit down with APEX Scoop Predator El Mayimbe where they talk about El Mayimbe’s career, upcoming Batman V Superman news, Suicide Squad… And El Mayimbe drops some Batman V Superman Villain EXCLUSIVES…. so strap yourself in and get ready for this special episode of Shanlian on Batman wsg El Mayimbe!