Justice League Merchandise Arrives!

The countdown to November 17 is continuing to shrink, and we will soon be watching for the first time a live action Justice League! 

As we inch closer, fans will be on the lookout for merchandise hitting stores near them. Well, that time may have already arrived. Apparel showing off the world’s greatest heroes may be for sale at your local Wal-Mart right now.

The next few weeks may see even more merchandise hitting shelves as we rocket towards November, so be sure to keep your eyes open for all the Justice League goodies coming to a store near you!


Episode 94 SDCC 2017 & Justice League Trailer!


Episode 94 is coming right at you! On this week’s episode we have so much to chat about and catch you up on! We start this episode out with the news that Danny Elfman is now scoring “Justice League.” Then we bring up that very reavealing article from Kim Masters about Ben Affleck’s Batman being ‘Phased out.’ We finish off the episode breaking down that incredible “Justice League” trailer. Line up the new Justice League trailer, strap in and enjoy the ride with Episode 94 of Shanlian On Batman!


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WB Hall H Comic Con 2017 Live Blog

Keep this post refreshed to receive updates on live action movie news as it breaks throughout today! 

  • Late last night, news broke that Joss Whedon will start work on Batgirl next year. The movie could be ready for a 2019 release.
  • New Justice League poster was just released via Twitter!
  • Ready Player One is the first movie WB is showing off.
  • Blade Runner 2049 hits the stage next.
  • Flashpoint is officially announced!
  • Updated slate includes: Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, The Flash, Flashpoint, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern Corps, and The Batman
  • Ben Affleck confirms he’s going to work with Matt Reeves.
  • Justice for all! https://youtu.be/g_6yBZKj-eo

Batfan Begins: How the Dark Knight Trilogy Made Me A Fan

by Drew Kiess


It’s been five years since Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies came to a close with The Dark Knight Rises. A trilogy that was once thought to be a game changer, proved to be an outlier of what the possibilities were (and still are) for comic book characters on the big screen. For many of us too young to remember the Bat-mania of Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989, Nolan’s Batman gave us a fresh, modern window into discovering the greatness of the character behind the cowl.

My history with Batman before Nolan is sketchy. There was the animated series, of course, which I would later come to adore, but my image of Batman was initially created by the Joel Schumacher films. Even as a six-year-old, I knew Batman Forever and Batman and Robin weren’t cool. I very clearly remember having merchandise and toys from various kid’s meals from these movies, but I had no real connection with the characters. I also remember a live performance I saw at Six Flags in Chicago that captured my imagination, but comic books were still foreign to me, whatever enthusiasm I had for the character had nowhere to go. Anything cool Batman did was an outlier in my mind, because those movies were awful.

I became a comic book fan following Raimi’s first Spider-Man in 2002. Ten-year-old me was mesmerized. And two years later, it was followed up by what is still among my favorite movies ever made, Spider-Man 2. This was, for me, akin to people in 1978 believing that a man could fly for the first time. I was in love. I could not get enough of superheroes. I ate it all up. In 2005, I had seen a trailer for a new Batman movie, called Batman Begins. This didn’t look like Batman to me. Where was all the neon? But my curiosity was piqued. Leading up to the movie, my local library had set up copies of classic Batman stories in trade paperbacks. In my memory, there was a spotlight and angels singing as I walked up to grab Frank Miller’s Year One. I read the whole book right there. I had been lied to my entire life. Batman was cool.

Batman Begins may not have been the biggest blockbuster of all time, but it was a lifechanging experience for me seeing it in a movie theater. What resistance I had to being a batfan was now gone—I was all in. This was my fandom now, and I couldn’t get enough of classic DC stories. From The Dark Knight Returns to Man of Steel, to Crisis on Infinite Earths, I built up my knowledge on DC lore. Nolan’s respect for the core of the character bled through every frame, and Christian Bale’s performance of the tortured, unsure Bruce Wayne in the opening hour of the film still stands as some of the best character work in a comic book movie.

Three years later, the rest of the world would join me in my newfound Bat-mania and we would all be asking the same question: “Why so serious?” The Dark Knight took the world by storm, and for good reason. Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker was in and of itself a phenomenon, winning him a posthumous Oscar for the supporting role. But while everyone was going crazy over The Joker, a story about whether or not the means justify the ends in a time when I was first becoming interested in politics (this was the year of Obama’s first election), I was once again taken aback at the kind of stories a character like Batman

There is not much I can add to the legacy of The Dark Knight. I think it is fairly secure. Year after year, every new comic book movie that people liked is hailed as the best comic book movie since The Dark Knight, before it is forgotten about at the release of the next comic book movie, which is, too, compared to The Dark Knight. It will forever be the gold standard.

When Batman Begins came out, I was in high school, only thirteen years old. The trilogy came to a close in 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises, and I was now in college and a month away from being old enough to drink. The world was different in so many ways. Even just within the geek community, 2012 saw the culmination of Marvel’s Phase One with the Avengers and Sony’s first reboot of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man. For many, I think this Batman series had grown some rust in the four years it was removed from the spotlight. The Avengers were in, and to this day I wonder if things would have been different had the two films swapped release dates.

The Dark Knight Rises, despite being warmly received by critics, has a reputation in fanboy circles as being “the bad one”. I don’t see it. The Dark Knight Rises continued an upward slope of quality in my opinion that all Nolan films have had, and hosts the greatest Batman moment on film of all time, with Bruce rising from the pit, that was foreshadowed all the way back in Batman Begins. It was a brilliant story about the place Batman has in Gotham after his mission is complete, and a villain who was successful in breaking the body of Batman, taking away the city that he loves. It is a lonely, broken, operatic epic.

Five years removed from these films, I think we can sometimes become critical because of the things that it didn’t do as fanboys. I have been as guilty of this as anybody. Was it accurate to canon? Of course not. Was that voice sometimes a little annoying? Yes it was. Would it have been nice to see more villains? Who knows. But, we received perhaps the most complete superhero story every created in any medium, comics included, with a definitive beginning, middle, and end, that had something of value to say about the culture we live in. Those are the kind of stories that stick with us and matter. My fandom of DC was founded on the foundation of what Nolan did with those three movies, and while there will always be new Batman stories being told, this trilogy will forever stand as a testament of the power of these characters to reflect us, as all mythology is supposed to.


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Review: “Look To The Sky”




Drew Kiess

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Look to the Sky, the latest documentary from Brett Culp. Batman fans will know Culp from his documentary Legends of the Knight (2013), which looked at individuals who were inspired by Batman into overcoming obstacles in their lives and communities. Legends as a film lead me on an interesting road to learning about story.

Look to the Sky is not a movie that I feel like I can review. Not to say that I have a long list of complaints about how the film was made, because I don’t (I thought it was beautifully constructed and truly inspiring), but I think when a movie or a book or whatever touches you in a certain way, that talking about it on a technical level can be reductive in how we look at story.

The film introduced me to Daniel Taylor, who’s books have been a huge part of my life the past few years. They have given me much comfort in my educational goals and my own personal life. The way he writes about stories and how our lives revolve around them has made an impact that is immeasurable.

This was why I struggled with my Wonder Woman review. That was a movie that I thought was absolutely beautiful, but there were things that happened in that movie that spoke to me on a personal level, and I felt like offering a counter-story was a more honest response at that time.

A counter-story is a term used in narrative therapy when a therapist uses a fictional or historical story to help their client reframe a difficult time that they are going through. I think we all use stories this way. Look to the Sky was no exception for me.

Look to the Sky is about the spirit of Superman. It featured the story of several young people and the adults who surround them and how they had a spirit of heroism like the Man of Steel. I could go through every story and talk about what I like, but I would much rather you experience that when you have an opportunity to see the film for yourself.

I work in a community where I am surrounded by stories of kids who are facing obstacles in between them and success. And going into this summer, I was feeling burnt out. I had come to a place where I felt like I had given everything I could and I wasn’t seeing the kind of results that I had hoped for. There is one story in Look to the Sky about Annaliese Cobb, a young girl who swam across Lake Ontario to raise money for a camp for children with cancer. And things for her didn’t really seem like they were working out at times.

During the night, Annaliese was pushed backwards by strong currents and wind. Even though she was physically pushing herself forward, the water was taking her backwards. She could have quit at that moment, but she kept swimming. And when the weather improved, she began making progress again. I think that this is where I have been, and maybe some of you are there, too.

As superhero fans, I think we all have a natural desire to see things get better, but we are often times surrounded by stories that make it seem like change is impossible. I think what our heroes teach us is that if we persevere in the midst of the worst storms and the darkest nights, we will see change happening at sunrise.

If you have an opportunity to see Look to the Sky in a theater near you, I could not recommend picking up a ticket more. I guarantee you will leave encouraged, and perhaps a bit tempted to go out and buy a red cape. The great things is though, is that Look to the Sky proves that you can be heroic both with or without one. But honestly, the cape could be a really cool look.




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Episode 93 wsg Mark Hughes


The crew is so happy to Welcome Back one of our favorite guests, Mark Hughes. If you are follower and frequent listener to this podcast than you know that we love to chat with Mark about anything and everything Batman and DCEU related. In Episode 93 the crew chats with Mark about the ongoing rumors that surround the reshooting of Justice League. But first we start off the episode chatting about the tragic passing of Adam West. We also get into DCEU talk and we gush about Wonder Woman and the upcoming film Aquaman!

Make sure that when you are done listening to this episode you check out Mark’s stuff on Forbes and read his reviews and/or articles that he publishes. Or you check our copious back log with Mark Hughes on Shanlian on Batman, you know a Mark Hughes episode never disappoints! So get into your podcast zone and lets Batman out for awhile with Shanlian on Batman featuring our very special guest Mark Hughes!


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Episode 92 WSG Daniel Alter


This week the guys have on a guest that is no stranger to the world of Batman, Mr. Daniel Alter. Dan sits down for an in depth conversation on some of his favorite and not so favorite portrayals of The Dark Knight! Additionally, he gushes over The Dark Knight Returns and gets into some spoiler heavy talk on Wonder Woman, which has just surpassed $500 Million at the Worldwide Box Office.

Daniel also reveals details on what he hopes to see in the upcoming Justice League film, and of course what he wants to see in future solo Batman films . Sit back and put your ear-pods in and enjoy Episode 92 of Shanlian On Batman with the amazing Daniel Alter!



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Shanlian On Batman Episode 91

Wonder Woman came out and it has been warmly welcomed by practically everyone, critics and movie goers alike. The guys of Shanlian on Batman are here to give their reviews of the new film. Three different opinions in the mix make for a very good discussion of likes and dislikes from Justin, Kyle, and Tom. Check out Episode 91 of Shanlian on Batman!