Latest Movie Scene Monday

A day late for this one…but with busy schedules and work it was decided to do this a day late anyway. This weeks “Movie Scene Monday” is a little bit out of left field, since this particular scene and this particular movie hasn’t even been released yet.


However, this scene that was shown in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Comic Con Trailer encapsulates exactly what Batman/Bruce Wayne would do. In the midst of the attack on Metropolis between General Zod and the Man of S teel, it seems as though Bruce Wayne was actually there on that day during the devastation. He sees all of the chaos and destruction of the city and instead of heading for safety, he does what a hero would do. He runs toward the danger and doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t even as much as look back. Now without the ability to see the entire scene it looks like he is able to save a few people, maybe even one small child. But that imagery of the plume of smoke, and rubble that he runs into is powerful imagery that hearkens back not only to Man of Steel but 9/11 as well.

For all the critics of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman and all the naysayers this scene really points that not only is this Bruce Wayne a bit different from previous incarnations, but this Bruce is about helping save peoples lives even when he does not have the cape and cowl on. Really looking forward to this scene and hoping it takes place during the opening of the film.


Justin E. Shanlian

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