Viral Marketing for Batman v Superman Begins

With New York City Comic Con beginning today and running through the end of the weekend, rumors have been running wild on whether or not we would be seeing a new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer or any piece of marketing from the film. Might we see a new poster, stills from the movie or another trailer? The wait for that answer may end in a few hours or just a few days. Fortunately for fans the viral marketing of the film seems to be revving up, as we not only got our first inside look at Lex Luthor from a Fortune 500 article just a few days ago, and his own twitter handle. But looks like Lex Corp will be taking up a booth at NYCC, and giving all the fans free wi-fi as well. Now this morning via a Youtube video we could to see a nice minute long video that promotes the new Lex Corp/OS so definitely be on the look out this weekend as something in fact may drop.

Here is that video check it out!



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