Batman to be in Wonder Woman?

Yesterday, Jo Blo came out with a very spoilerish article stating that Ben Affleck’s Batman would make its way in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman film. If this came to fruition, which it probably will not it would be interesting to see Ben’s Batman cross pollinate into another DC film. We already know that he will be making an appearance in Suicide Squad and the subsequent Justice League films, but a Wonder Woman film? Doesn’t that seem a bit much?

Our take on this is Ben will PROBABLY NOT make it into a Wonder Woman film, and regards to those other things that were spoiled on Jo Blo, we too also think that is false. Why? Well look at it this way, why after all this time of everything being on lockdown at Warner Bros. would we finally get a treasure trove of information about a film that has yet to begin production? Sounds like the studio, or whomever gave them this information could have done so to mislead them or to take them off the trail of something bigger in the works.

Whatever the case may be, we at Shanlian on Batman do not think in the slightest that Ben will be in a future Wonder Woman film, but many things could change over the course of the next few months as filming begins very soon.

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