Is WB Montreal Developing New ‘Arkham’ Game?

Now that the dust is finally settling on Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight game, it looks like WB Montreal might be working on another Batman game, or at the very least a future DC Comics video game.

Over at they have an inspiring recruitment video trying to get some fresh blood to fill some vacant spots to help begin development on future DC Games.

“We are a growing studio with two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space.”

Could this be a new Arkham game? Or a Justice League inspired game? Could we be lucky enough for a Suicide Squad game to coincide with the release of that film? Only time will tell what the next game from this studio will be.

WB Games Montreal is known for the smash hit Batman: Arkham Orgins which nicely followed its predecessor Batman: Arkham City. Now that Rocksteady has finished with its run in Gotham, it looks like the logical choice would be to let WB Montreal work on the next game since it already has worked in that world before.

If WB Montreal is in fact working on the development of this game, lets hope that they learn from all the mistakes from Batman: Arkham Knight and fix those issues before the game releases. Let’s also hope that this game focuses more on a cohesive story than mission after mission using the Bat-mobile.





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