2016 Is Finally Here

Happy New Year fans of Shanlian On Batman!

Wow cannot believe that 2015 came and went, and now we are finally in 2016! We are less than 90 days away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and in August we will finally see Suicide Squad too. There is so much to look forward to in 2016 so lets savor the moment, the calm before the storm if you will as well ramp up to BvS.

Let us take a quick moment as we look back at all the amazing things that happened for us in 2015.

We had so many amazing guests from Umberto Gonzalez, Lee Bermejo, Bill Ramey and probably our personal favorite Paul Dini. We are still shocked that we snagged him on the show as he is still our childhood hero. We missed a few guests but that doesn’t mean we care any less for them, we just had so many guests that came on in 2015 that we want to take our time to say that we are coming in 2016 bigger and better than ever.

Our pledge to YOU, the fans that we will be working twice as hard to bring you some more amazing guests and really be working hard and giving you even more great content. That is what is most important to us, we want to be the greatest Batman Podcast out there and we will work even more diligently to make that happen. So CHEERS to the Fans in 2016, and from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!



Justin E. Shanlian

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