WB Confirms Ticket Sale Date



Well folks you saw the story first on Shanlian On Batman a week ago. Tickets for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice will finally go on sale Feb. 29th. Warner Bros. Pictures officially announced on twitter that the tickets for the upcoming blockbuster would  indeed be on sale in just 6 days. We had been sitting on this information for almost a month when it came to the official date, and we are happy to be able to confirm that the 29th is in fact the date that we told you about last week. Get your tickets early, since most opening day/night screenings will be sure to sell out fast.

Huge THANK YOU to “DKR” for the heads up on the lead and being spot on with his information regarding the ticket sales for the film. Without his tireless effort to find out exactly when tickets would be on sale we would have had to wait even longer to have that information.



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