DC “Rebirth” Review

Since tomorrow is Batman’s “Rebirth” lets take a look at last weeks first issue of the new comic written by Geoff Johns and reviewed by Shanlian On Batman’s own John McGee

DC Universe: Rebirth Review

Geoff Johns is a busy man. Recently promoted as an overseer of the DC Films studio, he is now helping to guide the films into a new era. But it all started, arguably, with Rebirth. In his grand epic farewell, Johns is taking a hiatus from comics to focus on the DC departments that perhaps need him more. He couldn’t have left on a higher note.

In Rebirth #1, we begin to learn secrets that we only dreamed of. Why is the New 52 universe the way it is? How do these universes keep changing? Who is the Joker? Who is watching us?

These questions will be answered over time. In Rebirth #1, Johns aims at bringing back the speedsters who play a large hand in these events due to their ability to break the dimensional barriers. Wally West is trying to figure out the universe and reestablish what was lost. This isn’t a full on continuity wipe. This is a status quo going forward into the future. Hope has returned to the DC Universe, but we need to crack the code of continuity in order to get there.

I’m not going to spoil much about the issue, because I truly believe to get the best surprises out of it, you have to read it for yourself. But I will highly recommend it. The art is fantastic, the team really delivered. Unlike last year’s Convergence, this event looks to change what tone the books carry and establish more of a kinetic bond between each book in the universe. 66 pages of story and art for 2.99, you can’t beat that price. This issue is not only highly collectible, but a must read for fans of DC’s best works: Sandman, Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen. Geoff Johns plans out revelations, hope, stories and characters we all miss. So you can’t miss out on this.

After reading the issue, I found not only excitement for the future but tear-jerking call backs to the beautiful history of DC Comics. Nostalgia and youthfulness meet in these 60+ pages, and there are four more issues to go if my calculations are correct. After Rebirth, there are rebirths for individual characters, such as Batman Rebirth #1 in order to slide readers into this new status quo more easily. After finishing the Rebirth event I highly recommend staying on board, as these books don’t show any signs of stopping what Johns started.

The art is beautiful, the story is there but there are more than a couple toss-ins that set up their books for the rest of the year and beyond, so you may need to Google some of these references. The surprises are magnificent though. A story just reared its head in the Batcave that we’ve never even imagined possible before now…

Rebirth #1 Score: 9.4/10

So what did you think of Rebirth? Are you excited for the new titles that are about to make it out tomorrow? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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