Batman Rebirth #1


Batman Rebirth


Tom King made his partial Batman debut this month with the issue focused on revitalizing Batman for the future—particularly King’s run. But this issue was also a send off of sorts for Scott Snyder, who had obvious influence over some portions.

The issue was short but sweet, delivering not only a thrilling revitalization of Batman, but one of his least worthy foes, the Calendar Man. Instead of whimpering around about days of the year he can now literally die and shed his skin for a new one each “season” of his life, which makes him a nigh unstoppable foe. How else do you handle a guy who can do that without straight up murdering him? Arkham it is. Scott Snyder was great at creating new Batman villains, but his weakest stories were the ones where he handled previously established villains like Riddler and Joker.

Now, the weaker points of this issue were the lack of tying in to the actual Rebirth issue from May, and trying to send off Scott Snyder at the same time they tried to push Batman forward for Tom King’s run. There was no indication of what happened in DC: Rebirth #1, despite the cliffhanger of an ending featuring Batman himself! He seemed to be playing through the events of Batman Rebirth before DC: Rebirth #1 or he simply took a break.

Also the issue seemed to needlessly show off at times with Bruce doing pull ups on the edge of his skyscraper. As awesome as that is, he’s doing it in 100 degree weather in broad daylight. Sure, his back was facing the water, and no one could really see him and snap a photo, but that doesn’t make it helpful to us at all when we’re trying to get introduced to Tom King and Scott Snyder is giving himself a big slam bang finish.

However, the art was gorgeous and the story was solid. Batman has his company back, a new Robin, beat a new and improved Calendar Man, and got us all excited for the great Gotham battle that’s coming up tomorrow, even though we didn’t get to see much come straight out of DC’s Rebirth cliffhanger.



John McGee

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