Suicide Squad Set Visit Preview

With Suicide Squad less than a month away the marketing for the film is about to really get amped up. You can’t go a day without seeing a TV Spot or some new interview from one of the members of the cast. Thanks to the guys over at Collider they have a 55 point Set Visit preview of the things that they saw on set. We took some of those points and condensed them down for your reading pleasure.



•They began talking about the Expanded Universe while they were making Man of Steel, but Suicide Squad wasn’t firmed up until David Ayer pitched his take on the material.

•The present day story of Suicide Squad takes place after the events of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, and is connected to Batman v Superman “in many ways.”

•The film has a fractured narrative, with a number of flashbacks that reveal more of The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship in the world of casinos and gangsters.

•The Joker as a character was on the table, but they didn’t want to move forward with him until they had a part worthy of a great actor and a great actor who would play the part.

•The film is a true ensemble, but Deadshot is the proverbial leader and Ayer says “this is really Will Smith’s movie.”

•For comics research, Margot Robbie sought out as many Harley Quinn comics as she could and then used the comics she got for Christmas, right after she got the role, to prepare.

•To justify Harley Quinn’s twisted relationship with The Joker, Robbie settled on codependency and compulsion as what drives her to keep going back to him.

•In rehearsals, David Ayer would push Robbie to jump on any weak spots her co-stars revealed and increase the tension as Harley Quinn, which is the opposite of what Robbie herself wanted to do.

•The intense rehearsal process consisted of Ayer pulling out deeply personal aspects of each actor to fully flesh out their characters.

•Harley Quinn is “nuts” when she’s with the Joker, but when she’s interacting with the rest of the Suicide Squad without Joker, Robbie says she’s “a little more focused.”

•The “adversaries” in the film are being kept under wraps, but the producers hinted that they may not actually be pulling their own levers.

•Putting Batman in the film was David Ayer’s idea and desire, because he has such a strong connection to so many of the characters in Belle Reve.

•They chose to shoot the outdoor Batmobile scenes knowing full well set photos and videos would leak, but they didn’t want to compromise the integrity of practical effects and using real streets.

•Before they started shooting the outdoor Batmobile scenes, they paraded it up and down the street so all the fans who had lined up could get their pictures out of the way.

•Ayer chose which members of the Squad would be in the movie. There was no mandate from the studio. But he did collaborate with Geoff Johns when it came to crafting certain stories for some of the characters.

•While on set, the producers stressed that the film has a tremendous sense of humor as a result of putting this dysfunctional family together.

•David Ayer wrote the character of Deadshot for Will Smith.

•David Ayer would come up with new ideas on set, or hand over new pages that he just wrote that ended up being an entire monologue.

So after hearing some of these things does this make you more or less excited for Suicide Squad?


Source: Collider

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