Gotham Episode 2 Review

Gotham: Burn the Witch Review

I’d like to note that these views and opinions are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Shanlian on Batman as a whole.

Given the fact that this is a DC Comics review article, I shall do the classy thing and stay out of politics. That said, I therefore have zero qualms about taking a little jab at last night’s WWE brawl. Never have I seen a presidential debate lack the word presidential as much as last night. Two corrupt people lying upon lies about things that the dumbest person on earth could Google and find the truth. For all of Clinton’s harping about her “fact-checker” website, she and Trump really could have used a reality fact-checker. I’ve never seen two people just stand there and pretend reality doesn’t exist, and they can say whatever they want and make it true. It was quite fittingly the pathetic show the loonies voted for in the primaries and a complete disgrace to this country.

In relation to Gotham, a conveniently timed storyline found its way into the episode: Penguin using his political standing to rile up a mob. And I’m not talking “let’s go protest something noisily” mob, I’m talking “let’s go kill Franenstein’s monster and any witches along the way” hence the Burn the Witch title. Read on to find out how that turned out.

The good news.

The Court avoided the usual villain cliché of stating their name and firing off on a cheesy speech. They just outplayed little baby Bruce and told him what they intend to keep: secrecy, and to be left the heck alone. Even though he should know nothing about the Court and never have spoken to them directly the writers backed themselves out of the corner—for now.

I’m proud that they also removed Jim from his crime-fighting always-righteous pedestal. He’s finally just Jim Gordon again. Not a Batman wannabe. In fact he’s pretty much thrown in the towel overall.

Alfred dancing. Enough said.

The GCPD actually (almost) handled a situation…professionally! Surround area, block press, negotiate for hostage. They’re in good hands when Jim Batman isn’t there to try and play Call of Duty hero and storm the building screw the consequences. The only reason things fell through for them was Penguin.

Penguin stirred up a mob to “kill the monsters” (Fish and her freaks) and walked right up to the building and pushed their way in. It was classic Penguin, and I’m happy to see he’s batting 1.000 in the power department. He’s finally using it consistently.

Poison Ivy’s transformation turned out to be more realistic (well, at least for Gotham) than several feminists in the entertainment media have been whining. She underwent a totally Joker-similar upheaval.

Bad news.

Penguin had Fish at gunpoint in the woods. Again. AND HE LET HER GO BECAUSE SHE LIED TO HIM AND INSULTED HIS EGO. Come on! She’s not that good at lying and he should have no second thoughts about blowing her to hell. The excuses the writers keep cooking up to keep her worthless, annoying, poorly played character on the show are getting too pathetic. It’s unforgiveable at this point. Unbelievable. Hey Oswald: #JUSTPULLTHETRIGGER

Vale’s sole purpose in this episode was not to be a reporter, but to cheat and a-hole her way into Jim Gordon’s pants. Sound crass? Of course. Is it true? Every word. Is it my fault? Nope. Watch closely: she is the star reporter of Gotham city, and all the work she does today does not add up to her story. If she were after Fish and Penguin for the story, she would have quit bugging the hell out of Gordon. Seriously, quit running to his doorstep and his favorite bar and the GCPD and his shower for crying out loud. Everywhere he goes she’s there wagging her tail with her tongue hanging out, waiting for him to throw her a bone (If you get that joke tweet me for a shout out). If she truly wanted to get a story, she would’ve followed Fish into the woods instead of selling out the story to TV networks and running back to Jim’s house like the annoying needy teen she seems to be. At best their relationship is a bad Adam Sandler rom com. At worst it is what it is: a would-be reporter obsessed with a former-glory cop who sacrifices a million dollars and her job to bang the guy she’s been treating like crap for the past two episodes (and he’s only returned the favor). She was abused, mishandled, and downright misused this week by the writers. What a lame, terrible way to get another girl for Jim. Good grief. (And on top of all that, Lee is coming back to Gotham just in time. Wonder if she dumped her guy or he dumped her. Who cares really. She’s going to walk in on this twisted, sick thing going on between Jim and the girl just like Barbara walked in on Jim and Lee).

The villain origins are completely cut and dry now. 1-Wake up. 2-Notice you’ve changed. 3-Kill the nearest person for little or no reason at all, usually simply because they did something inadvertently that happened to tick you off.

Honorable mention: Jim Gordon selling Fish Mooney out to Penguin in the hopes that he’d kill her. Jeez man, just sell her out, sneak up behind her, and capture her to take home the million bucks. Knucklehead.

All in all, we’re seeing good elements of a show. Action, suspense, acting (well, when Pinkett-Smith isn’t making us puke and Mazouz isn’t there at all). Conflict is usually solid. What brings this show down is the recycled shots of the bridge and buildings (they use them 3-5 times per episode) and the writing staff. One minute they introduce a good character and next freaking episode she’s Jim’s toy, behaving dreadfully, and throwing her life away. They gotta get a handle on this thing already. It’s too inconsistent. The writers really are the only thing hurting it though. Gotham has diamond in the rough episodes that are gorgeous (Penguin’s Umbrella, to name one) and when they come along each season they really reward the faithful follower. So keep watching guys, they’re coming. We’re getting payoff for their shortcomings soon enough.

Score 7/10

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