Gotham: Season 3 Episode 4 Review


John McGee

What a week! Good to be back, folks! Today I’m gonna give you the rundown of the “one that got away.” No really, this episode was highly entertaining. Jarvis’ scheming is coming to a head, and the best part is next week we seem to be getting a little break from him. He’s mysterious as ever. Now, moving on:

The good news

Selina pretty quickly identified Five as an imposter Bruce (even though they’re identical) which leads him to run off after a conversation with Bruce. Basically the writers are putting Bruce and Selina together and it’s pretty damn awkward to see David Mazouz struggling to look like he feels feelings, but Camren is doing as great as ever in the Selina role.

Gordon is still trying to kill himself every time he hears a clock ticking. Thanks to the Captain for concussing him before the bullet went through his head. Jervis is just fun to watch at this point, and don’t look now, but the creepy creep got Alice…

Meanwhile, the controversy over the candidacy of Oswald Cobblepot is at its peak. Butch is paying off campaign officials to buy the election, but Nygma takes the money back from them in the name of Oswald the night of the election, and Oswald still wins—leading his affections to shift from Butch to Nygma. Think Toy Story with Buzz taking over for Woody.

At the big Jervis showdown, the Mad Hatter lost Alice (because Alice hated him and tried to escape) as she fell and impaled herself by mistake on a pipe. There’s a bad news section on this part below, but I’m leaving this part here because the battle of wits and defeat (for now) of Jervis was well done.

The bad news

The Court of Owls kidnapped Five, meaning they’re probably going to use him against Bruce in the latter episodes. They shouldn’t even be dipping their toes in this acid. It drives me insane that they’re stooping to such low levels but I suppose I’ll have to live with it. No one has yet justified their prominence or even existence to me yet, so I’ll just trudge on and keep yelling at the writers until they realize their error.

Jervis showdown issue: now we’re dealing with the stereotypical “oblivious crazy person.” It’s so funny that just because someone is “mad” on TV they are oblivious to people saying “no” or “you’re wrong.” Ok. So? So why on earth does he converse with Jim Gordon, his enemies, the Sirens, anyone else normally, but when it comes to his sister Alice he doesn’t even listen to her? He listens to his enemies and debates with them, but ignores his own sister when she says things like “go the hell away” “you’re a monster” and “no.” It’s so stupid and a huge cop out.

It’s safe to say that the good news far outweighs the bad this time around, and I’m glad to be back and well. Expect another review your way soon! We’ve had a couple exciting weeks of Gotham!


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