Gotham Season 3 Episode 5 Review


John McGee

“Did everyone see that because I will NOT be doing it again.” –Captain Jack Sparrow

That sums up how I felt watching this week’s Gotham episode.

The good news:

We got some classic underground mafia Gotham deal-cutting. Season 1 had high ratings for a reason. Not just because it was novel, but it took the hearts of millions with its clever storytelling and excellent characterizations…and its great power structure struggle. We haven’t seen the likes of that since Season 1.

Ivy made another appearance and teased Selina about it. Finally seeing her again was fun.

Nygma made his return to the GCPD in an entertaining albeit completely clichéd manner. “I’ve missed all of you so much.” Barnes: “What are you DOING here, Nygma?” Cliché. But still, we got a crack about Harvey’s fear of razors.

Penguin has pretty much turned to Nygma now (who wants to betray Penguin and take Gotham for hisself…oh for pete’s sake).

The bad news:

Butch engineered the return of the Red Hood gang (because there’s literally no other idea in Gotham for gang names apparently). And he did so just so that he could kill them all and make himself once again #1 in Penguin’s eyes. However Nygma uses this against him and forces him to try and take out Penguin before thwarting the attempt to make HIM look like #1 before THAT blew up and Butch almost killed Nygma for tricking him…are you tired yet? It makes sense if you really think about it…all Butch really had to do was tell the truth and how Nygma engineered everything and tried to take over Gotham. But no, let’s choke the guy instead. Now Nygma is still #1 in Pengin’s eyes and Butch is on the run. What a mess.

Vale is back and in the sack where the writers pretty much intended for her to be…constantly, as she and Jim openly admit. Until she finally leaves to interview a man for a story…that Jim waltzes in and interrupts. Because NEITHER of these two people can function without constantly harassing the other. Now it’s merely reversed: he’s harassing her. It’s the most pathetic love interest I’ve ever seen on screen. It causes pins and needles just suffering through their scenes. Good grief.

Apparently Jim is giving Lee the ultimate middle finger for her leaving him. He knew she was with a Falcone…she knows the consequences of being with a Falcone…and doesn’t care. Jim doesn’t care. Granted, she did bring it up to him in an argumentative manner. She wants Jim to be worried about her. But kudos to him for not caring. But seriously Lee…leave the man alone. He’s moved on. He hasn’t seen Vale in at least half an hour and you’re delaying his rush back into bed with her.

Also Lee takes the Falcone name and punches Nygma in the face with it. Good girl. Except for the fact that you’re flaunting this Falcone “power” which is the name of an old man who has none anymore before you’ve even married a Falcone. Don’t get cocky in Gotham, girl.

David Mazouz would only help the show at this point by leaving. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Recasting would be less hurtful/weird than his continued agony of being there. He can’t really act at all. Bruce Wayne needs to be played, not filled. You don’t just slug around through Hamlet, and the same goes for Bruce at any age past that of 8 years. He has never once contributed a performance that I’ve been able to say was any good. Even for TV. I’m not saying he needs silver screen standards, but having standards at all would help the kid. Maybe an acting class? Please, just do something. He’s hurting Camren’s Selina Kyle, who he just told “I like you…as more than a friend.” It felt like nails were scraped across cardboard, then a chalkboard, then slowly pulled off by pliers. Please please please replace him with the kid who played young Bruce in Batman v Superman. That kid at least knew how to show emotion. Good grief.

This was one of the more tripped up episodes I’ve seen. Ever. But hopefully the track will right with the reemergence of Jervis next week.


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