Get Ready for more Wonder Woman

by Drew Kiess


We all know the success that Wonder Woman is having at the box office. It has crossed $400 million in the States, and is preparing to cross $800 million worldwide, with Japan yet to open the film. With this kind of success, it should comes as know surprise that Warner Bros. will be trying to capitalize on that success and use Diana as a central figure in the DCEU moving forward.

We won’t have to wait long to see Diana on the big screen again with Justice League just a few short months away. We also recently heard that Wonder Woman II is scheduled for a December 2019 release. And now, according to Forbes’ own, and friend of Shanlian on Batman, Mark Hughes that Diana is expected to appear in Flashpoint, which could be hitting theaters in 2020.

This is great news for fans of the great DC event Flashpoint, as it is one step closer to getting the adaptation of the book that we deserve, and until we’re told otherwise, we may be able to assume that the other characters from that book will also be showing up, including Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne/Batman (please).

My one big question about this news is whether or not general audiences will go along with this elseworlds version of Wonder Woman. This will be a new concept for live action films, and while this would be Gal Gadot’s fifth outing as Wonder Woman, audiences may be a bit taken aback by this character going from the inspiring hero she is known as to the anger-driven warlord of the Flashpoint timeline. I believe such a transition is going to need a masterful director (paging Mr. Zemeckis) and a tight script. This is a powerful story, and if done right, I think audiences will go along with it. But this is an ambitious project, and the creative team is going to be key. Thankfully, it is looking like this will have an amazing cast, and amazing casts attract amazing filmmakers.

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source: Forbes



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