Shanlian On Batman Episode 35 wsg Dana Nachman

The fellas sit down and talk with documentary director, Dana Nachman, director of the film Batkid Begins which is open in select theaters TODAY! (fri june 26) First we talk about some current changes that will happening with the Shanlian on Batman brand and discuss a new podcast that you may have already heard, Lords of Film, and then its right to the Dana Nachman interview. So get a download or sit down in your favorite comfy chair and enjoy another episode of Shanlian on Batman. 

Shanlian On Batman Episode 33 wsg Mark Hughes

Part 2 of 2 for the commentary of Batman Forever. Justin and Kyle are lacking the presence of Tom but gained Mr. Mark Hughes! Always a great time when Mark comes on, so sit down and sync your copy of Batman Forever up with the guys and enjoy another episode of Shanlian on Batman.