Snyder Leaving Batman for Detective Comics?




According to a report on Bleeding Cool News, Scott Snyder who has been writing the main title on Batman for the last 5 years and garnered an amazing relaunch of Batman during the era of the New 52 will be heading to the secondary Batman title Detective Comics.

The thought process behind this move according to that Bleeding Cool report states that “the decision to switch books is more likely to be remove Snyder from the event driven nature of some modern comics and of the pressure of writing the lead Batbook.”

Now that Summer 2016 will see another re-launch of titles at DC Comics called “Rebirth,” fans will be getting across the board back to ZERO comics. This will also include a bi-weekly comic from the main title on Batman as well. Other main titles will see a bi-weekly book, but details on which main titles those will be have yet to be released.

Details about this are subject to change as no word from DC or Snyder about this potential move have officially come from them. However, now that Greg Capullo is taking a break from penciling Batman comics to work on a Mark Millar project this rumor seems to have some merit to it. Look for full details come from DC as Summer slowly looms.

By: Justin E. Shanlian

Twitter @BATMANShanlian


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