New Low-Res Photo teases Next JL Villain?


czlrsq2w0aee69mNew low-resolution photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have slowly been making there way online over the last few hours. These new photos have been scanned in from the new issue of Empire Magazine. These photos reveal a few new scenes from Batman v Superman. As soon as high resolution versions of the new pictures are available they will be posted on this website.

One photo in particular has begun blowing up the internet. If you look closely as Batman stares off into the distance overlooking a canyon and what is revealed appears to be the Omega symbol. Now why is that symbol important? Well, if you know your Superman super-villain lore you should be aware that Darkseid uses this symbol to represent those in which he sees as vulnerable.

So is this mere coincidence? Is Zack Snyder trying to plant the seeds for the next villain in Justice League? Will Darkseid make a brief appearance in BvS? So many questions have been popping up over this one photo so it looks like we will have to wait and find out on March 25th.



2 thoughts on “New Low-Res Photo teases Next JL Villain?

  1. It’s stuff like this that shows that we haven’t seen “everything”, I hate that complaint. At this point, with what little we know it doesn’t really make sense that Bruce/Batman has this “vision” or “dream”. It kinda makes more sense that WW has it or somehow shows it to Bruce.


    • Well we do know that one of the Toys specifically says “Knightmare” Batman. That could in fact be a tease that Bruce indeed does have a dream in the film. Umberto Gonzalez has even come on the podcast and says that Bruce in fact does have a vision or dream in the film! I guess we will have to find out for sure at the end of March.


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