Listen to Batman’s new Theme Music from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the success and the overwhelming love for his music in The Dark Knight Trilogy, composer Hans Zimmer decided to opt out of scoring the Batman theme for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, Zimmer will be returning to continue his transformative Superman score that many people loved from Man Of Steel.

Since Zimmer decided not to re-invent his already iconic music for Ben Affleck’s new Batman, he decided to enlist the help of his friend and long time collaborator Junkie XL, aka Tom Holkenborg. Holkenborg just come off the massive critical success from his 2015 score of Mad Max: Fury Road, and you can hear some of his latest music in the upcoming Deadpool film that will be released next week.

For fans who were wondering what this new Batman theme would sound like we finally have our first taste via WaterTowerMusic.


So what do you think of this new theme? Like it or love it? Or would you have preferred to have gone back to The Dark Knight Trilogies music? Let us know with a comment below!



Source: WaterTowerMusic

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