When Will We Be Seeing “Trailer 6” of Batman v Superman?

Many fans thought that we would be seeing the next trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with last weekend’s Super Bowl. However, fans were disappointed when we didn’t get to see that rumored trailer that had been classified just a few days prior. With the help of Turkish Airlines, Warner Bros. gave a very edgy and interesting alternative “tease” with their Turkish Airline commercial that aired after Denver won the Super Bowl, which gave us us a fresh look at Gotham and a rebuilt Metropolis.

Now thanks to a friend of Shanlian On Batman not only do we know when we are getting the new trailer in theaters, but our friend now thinks he knows when the trailer may drop online.

According to our friend of Shanlian On Batman who will be called for “KDR” we will be getting the new trailer sooner than most people think. “KDR” works as a manager and projectionist at a movie theatre and shot us a message this morning stating that we will be getting Batman v Superman Trailer 6 in front of Deadpool, which makes it worldwide debut this weekend. “It’s in our system, but WB has it locked until the 12th. It will be available to play in front of Deadpool, so the trailer will most likely drop online Thursday night/Friday morning” he said.

“KDR” even snapped a few photos for proof which can be viewed below as well.



Fortunately for us the fans this may change, since as this story was about to uploaded to the website “KDR” sent us another message stating that the date for the trailer to drop online might actually be pushed up as well. “I just tried to send it to a projector and was told that it would not be available to send and view until the 10th.” So we may in fact be getting the trailer sooner than he originally thought.


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