Where Might the Solo Bat-Flick be Set?




Thanks to our great friend Bill over at Batman-On-Film.com he has heard from a few  sources on where the next solo Batman film might take place. Now we should all take this with a huge grain of salt as the film doesn’t even have a release date yet. At any point over the next few months the script could change completely and this plot point may have been re-written or edited out.

If you don’t want to know where the film will be set make sure you don’t read any further as some might consider this a MAJOR SPOILER


So according to the rumors that BOF has heard from his various sources, the solo Batman film directed by Ben Affleck will take place in Arkham Asylum. Not only that, but Batman will have been locked up in the Asylum with all the famous Rogues from the Bat-Universe. 

So there you have it folks, what do you think of the next Batman film having our greatest hero being locked up for a majority of the film? As much as this sounds great to us, we prefer them to do an adaptation of the game Arkham City that was written by the great Paul Dini. That is where we would like to see the film take place. The idea of Batman being locked up in Arkham Asylum is cool, but you don’t get that large scale that is Gotham City when you spend a majority of the time in that building.


By Justin E. Shanlian


Source: Batman-On-Film.com

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