Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films “Suicide Squad” opened to $267 million dollars Worldwide. The film scored $135.1 million from 4,255 theaters across the United States with an average of $31,752 per theatre. “Suicide Squad” boasts the biggest opening of all time for the month of August surpassing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy which only scored $94.3 million. Globally, the film earned $132 million at the international box office, and the IMAX take for this film earned $19.2 million respectively.

Now the real question will the film have legs over the upcoming few weeks?

To be considered a success at the studio “Suicide Squad” must break $600 million at the worldwide box office. The film had a hefty price tag of $175 million to make and that is not including the marketing costs of the film, which usually is double the film budget. The film had a 41% drop of from its Friday to Saturday haul, which is on par for most August films. Will the movie resonate with audiences for second and third viewings? Only time will tell so make sure that you keep checking back here for the latest updates on the SS box office tally.

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