Shanlian On Batman Episode 82 Wsg Jay Oliva

Shanlian On Batman is bringing you yet another information packed podcast this time with returning guest, Jay Oliva. You are definitely familiar with this man’s work from Flash Point Paradox and Assault on Arkham to Justice League Dark and The Dark Knight Returns pts 1 & 2. Sit down and listen to Jay walk the guys through his films and talks about doing story boards for BvS as well as the upcoming Wonder Woman Film. Enjoy Episode 82 of Shanlian on Batman.

2 thoughts on “Shanlian On Batman Episode 82 Wsg Jay Oliva

  1. Jay Oliva mentioned KINGDOM COME. I think that would be doable in animation as a 4-part OAV-style series with each chapter running for 40 or 45 minutes. Give each chapter the same budget as the 75-minute features.


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