Episode 88 wsg Loren Lester the voice of Robin/Nightwing


Episode 88 is LIVE and we are so thrilled that we were able to sit down and chat with Loren Lester on this latest episode. For those of you who are not aware of it, Loren Lester is the voice of Robin/Nightwing from Batman: The Animated Series, The New Adventures of Batman and the upcoming film Batman and Harley Quinn. Loren takes us on his personal journey from being a young kid watching the old Bill Dozier Batman series to his first day he recorded on the Animated Series. This episode will definitely go down as one of our personal favorites as Loren was our childhood, and as soon as he started talking nostalgia hit us and we were blown away with him, not just as a guest but as an amazing person! So please give a very warm Shanlian On Batman welcome to Loren Lester aka ROBIN.

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