SDCC: Top 10 List for 2017



John McGee


Top 10 SDCC Wish List Items

In just a couple short months, SDCC 2017 will once again be upon us. While I will not be able to attend the event in person, I will scathe the Internet for news and livestreams. My favorite SDCC moment was 2015—I was in my Batcave, screens aglow, and literally shaking in anticipation. Finally, the Hall H panel lit up with the Batman v Superman interviews, and a while later the trailer shown there was available on YouTube. It was absolutely amazing.

While SDCC 2016 was a bit less thrilling, I have a hit list of items I want from 2017’s convention:

1. Low Justice League meter. We’ve already had two trailers and several character teasers. I don’t want much new footage so soon before November. What we need to see is some Batman v Superman-esque stingy marketing focusing mainly on gadgets, costumes, vague but fun interviews, and concept art. No spoilery trailers, please.

2. A little bit of Wonder. Wonder Woman will have been out for only about a month when SDCC rolls around. I’d like to see some support for the film with a screening or Q+A session with Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and maybe Lynda Carter. Just to focus on the greatness that is happening now, rather than making SDCC all about the greed of the future.

3. A release date schedule. I’m not the only one; we all want to see what Warners has in store in its DC department. With all the juggling of release dates that has been going on, and the announcements of unscheduled projects, I want to see DC firmly plant its feet on the ground and stake out some realistic release dates and officially announce upcoming projects.

4. Comic book artists. In 2016, DC Comics officially won the comic book genre once again with Rebirth. Rebirth will last until after I’m dead, because it’s not a reboot, but rather a way of life. Rebirth needs to be out in full force, boasting the superiority and talent. This should help to garner more comic book readers for the dwindling entertainment outlet.

5. A Batman v Superman celebration. DC should be proud of Batman v Superman. The greatest way to shove it up the haters’ butts is to build upon it for Justice League and future films, and market it like the success it is. It is now on the all time list of greatest selling DVD/Blu-ray films and it’s only been out for about 10 months! Audiences love the film—SDCC is all about us, the fans, not the Devin Faraci’s of the world. Let’s keep Dawn of Justice in SDCC for one more year.

6. Another ‘W’ for DC. A yearly tradition for DC at SDCC has been to dominate the public consciousness. I’d like to see the buzz and support once again this year. Since Man of Steel DC hasn’t had a hard time generating the most buzz at conventions rivaled only by Star Wars.

7. (Unrelated warning): Pirates 5 support. I know this isn’t DC related, but Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most important franchises to comic book fans. Why? It is the representation of a way of life, of a certain genre of adventure loathed by the critic main stream media. The series was amazing in its first three instalments, and even though 4 was a shot in the toe, it made a lot of money and many fans happy. If Spielberg has his way, and comic book movies go the way of the Western, expect Pirates to either go first or next. It is exactly the kind of film DC has been making: fan-beloved blockbusters that critics loathe and have a chance to ruin.

8. Batgirl news. That news being a new director. Joss Whedon is a big name, but a big name only. After reading his abominable Wonder Woman script, I love Warners for cancelling it and I loathe them for accepting his Batgirl proposal. We need a new director and we need it coming down the pipeline fast. Imagine DC making not only Wonder Woman, but Batgirl before Marvel limps out eventually with a half-baked knock off origin of Captain Squirrel (captain pirate? Captain Shazam? Oh, captain Marvel. How original of them). It would be a huge win and further proof that DC wins without question in the battle of “whose characters are better.”

9. Nightwing. I’d like a release date (see 3) but also concept art and perhaps an update on casting if they have any.

10. The Batman. Matt Reeves won’t be able to really work on the film until Apes is done, but we should get a filming update. (Please?) A script update? ANYTHING???

There is my list for SDCC. Hopefully we’ll see at least a few of those come to fruition, and as we all know by now, there will always be wonderful surprises that we never dreamed of. Stay tuned to Shanlian on Batman in July for SDCC 2017 news and updates, as well as the follow up to this post with the grade to see how many of the items on this list were fulfilled, left blank, or covered due to surprises.

What do you want to see from SDCC? Hit us up on Twitter to let us know!


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