Shanlian On Batman Episode 48 wsg Greg Rucka

This week’s SoB features comic book writer Greg Rucka! He has written many novels and comic books including the series Gotham Central, Batman: No Man’s Land and the ongoing Lazarus. Sit back and enjoy listening to what the man has to say about all sorts of different topics ranging from his early career, the TV show Gotham, and much more!

Shanlian On Batman Episode 47 wsg Sean Gerber

This week in The Podcast Cave we have special guest from Modern Myth Media and Batman on Film Podcast moderator Sean Gerber. Not only do we talk his early life and young career at BOF and MMM we also get his thoughts on the DCEU, George Miller not directing Man of Steel 2 and he helps us Fancast some of our favorite Batman characters! Thanks for liking, sharing, and commenting on our podcast, make sure to leave us with what you think so we can bring to you what you want!

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Shanlian On Batman Episode 42 wsg Bill Ramey

This week the guys have’s founder, Bill “Jett” Ramey on the show for his second appearance. Every time Jett Comes on the show it is a riot of the time. Listen in with us as we talk about Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Batman Begins, 75th anniversary’s of some of our favorite Batman characters and much more! Enjoy this episode of Shanlian on Batman with their good friend and special guest, Bill Ramey!

Episode 41 Shanlian On Batman

The guys asked twitter and the fans spoke! This week SoB does a commentary track for the animated film, Batman: Under the Red Hood, written by Judd Winick and directed by Brandon Vietti. You guys gotta listen to this one YOU asked for it. So sync up your copy of this film and enjoy this commentary track of Batman: Under the Red Hood Shanlian on Batman style.

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Shanlian on Batman Episode 40 The Anniversary Episode

The guys sit down and recap their favorite moments of Shanlian on Batman from the last year, they also answer a variety of questions asked from their fans/followers on Twitter. Everything from their favorite episode to their favorite aspects of podcasting and where it has led them today will be gone over. So “Happy Anniversary” to SoB’s first year and to many many more, and to you the listener because if you didn’t listen we would just be talking to ourselves ! Here is the 1 year anniversary episode of Shanlian on Batman!!!!!! Don’t forget to Comment and Like this post!

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